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Unable to uninstall Global - Doesn't show in scenery CFG


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I just built a new system and installed P3D V4 fresh today, then after confirming a successful install of P3D I downloaded the new ORBX Central tool. One of the main highlights I was really exited about was the new addon.xml feature.
I made a new folder outside of my P3D folder on my dedicated flight sim SSD.

I went to install global and was prompted to install ORBX libraries. It said that I cannot install ORBX Global outside of the sim folder through the .xml method, so I continued and was prompted to chose whether I wanted to install ORBX libraries into the main P3D V4 core folder or whether I was to install it into the new library I created. From what it said before I thought that I had to install ORBX libraries into the main sim folder, but it's giving me the option to install it onto the newly created install location.
So assuming that I had to install it into the main P3D directory as that's what it told me to do before. Downloaded it only to find nothing worked; verified the files and had to install the entire thing as it never did install in the first place, though it said it was installed... 

I can't disable it though the cfg, infact my P3D addon cfg is entirely empty, despite the manual saying that I can simply disable Global through the P3D addons cfg.

"...Orbx products with one click using the in-sim “add-ons” menu. Even products such as Global Base can be disabled all at once using this method."

Knowing something was wrong I tried to uninstall Global thinking I did something wrong, only to now find there's no uninstall option, even though the manual stated that the install button will be replaced to an uninstall button once something has been installed.

I did a full reinstall of P3D deleting all folders of it and reinstalling it again, additionally I reinstalled Orbx Central a few times.
I'm really confused as to what's happening here...is this normal for global? Where should I direct the Orbx libraries? 
I understand how to install the rest of it through the addon.xml method, but Global has confused me here.

Thanks in advance.






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Right, found how you uninstall Global, you have to manually delete the .txt file. Migrated the libraries over to my new folder and it seems that ORBX libraries appears in the add on package now that it's linked through an .xml. 

From my understanding global cannot be installed through the .xml method YET, but the manual says otherwise. 
Does this look correct?


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As far as I know and have learned so far, Global base needs to be installed in the simulator ORBX folder, therefore the Orbx Libraries also need to be installed in the simulator Orbx folder, so I will have to disagree with Nick's above comment that having the Orbx Libraries in the Add-Ons menu is correct, I don't believe it is.

7 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

By the way, the Orbx Library entry is correct.


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Global seems to be functioning properly at the moment with the libraries moved, do other products such as Trees, AU V2 and OpenLC need to be installed in the sim as well? 
Seems that I have the option to install them into my external library, but I'm a little hesitant to do that. 

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Hello Doug.

Not wishing to be more pedantic than usual, I was asked if, when the Libraries are installed

into the Orbx Central Library, that entry was correct and it is.

I was not asked if installing into an Orbx Central Library was the correct thing to do.:)

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On 12/6/2019 at 10:49 AM, Doug Sawatzky said:

For those having issues, All of the Global and OpenLC products and the Orbx Libraries should be installed into the simulator root folder, which also includes Vector and Trees HD. Everything else can be installed elsewhere



Sorry Doug, but why does Central then give the option to install the Orbx libraries into a library?  Same with Global Trees, Global Vector, Global openLC Europe, Global openLC North America, Global openLC South America and Global Airport Pack.


Any product that should only be installed to the root sim folder should only give that option during installation in Central. So far, only Global BASE Pack specifies that it can only be installed to the sim root folder, it does not provide the option to install to a library.


Please advise, this is getting thoroughly confusing.

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the advice given by Orbx staff on these forums is in good faith and does not need to be challenged at every turn.

As Doug has written, a possible solution for those who are having problems is to install those products into the

simulator root folder.

It is not a universal problem and very many customers find that they have no problems with the products installed

into an Orbx Central library.

Because both options do work, the option remains. Those products that do not work in certain configurations are

indeed limited by Orbx Central to one installation location.

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Hello Nick


Not challenging anyone, just trying to fix countless problems since Central launched. What Doug said seemed like news to me, so I wanted to confirm the points I made.


I did migrate all the global products over to the root folder as Doug suggested, and that has finally returned my Autogen in ORBX products. Hopefully a sollution is integrated in the future that allows all products to be migrated out of the P3D root folder.

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