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Migrating a library to another drive for X-Plane 11


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Got a new hard drive due to the fact that my Washington True Earth add-on maxed out my current SSD. As I don't want to delete the other content on the SSD, I need to migrate my library holding the Washington files to the new drive. How can this be accomplished for in my case X-Plane 11. 


The tutorial by "Fiedl Gelder" talkes about this situation from a Windows/Prepar3d perspective. I need to know the steps for Mac OSX/X-Plane 11. Appreciate your help, as I am still new to ORBX and the ORBX Central Tool. What throws me off is the fact only some of purchased products feature a "migration" button. Washington True Earth don't show it.

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its Friedi Gulder.


As I understand it, Orbx Central looks and works in the same way, whether in Windows or Mac.


If you have no option to migrate the product to an Orbx Central Library, it is because it is already

in an Orbx Central Library.

You will find detailed instructions on page 19 of the user guide, reproduced for you here.






Moving a library to another location

Moving a library is painless with Central and can be achieved in a few steps only:

  1. Go to Settings > Libraries.

  2. Note the directory of the library you’d like to move.

  3. Remove the library that you would like to move (remember: this doesn’t delete the actual files).

  4. Close Central by right-clicking on the tray and selecting “quit”.

  5. Move the directory to the new location in your operating system. This step may take a while depending on your disk speed.

  6. Start Central again

  7. Open Settings, and then the Libraries page

  8. Press ‘Create New Library’

  9. Select the new library location, give it a name and then press ‘Save’.


Central will automatically scan the library for installed products, and then configure your simulators appropriately. 



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Thank you and sorry for misspelling his name, as I was typing too fast. Eventually I got it to work. Due to the huge files and downloads breaking off in the process I had to retry several times in order to complete the downloads and hence file extractions. My initial downloads of the TrueEarth GB series from the cross platform downloads page threw me off when trying to incorporate them into my new libraries on the external drives as opposed to inside the sim. 


I am now faced with the problem of not being able to download the TrueEarth Washington enhancement package that I bought. It is shown as purchased but not part of my products list in ORBX Central. When trying to download from my account outside of ORBX Central I am getting a download link that safari does not acknowledge as weblink.


I posed the problem with the support people, but they referred me to this forum. Maybe you could help me along with it or do I need to open a new thread? Thanks in advance.

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It is a bit confusing for me because I have three X-Plane instances  installed, one on an external drive and two on the main drive, of which one is 11-40 and one is used for beta-updates. All three X-Plane instances have ORBX packages installed but only 11-40 has all packages except the enhancement package for Washington HD. Strangely enough two airport sceneries are shown as installed, but do not show up in scenery.ini file. 


Something must have been messed up when I centralised all libraries and packages in one library on the external drive. I can see the files there but they are just not shown as symbolic links in the 11-40 install. I wonder if I can just use a regular symbolic link to get the files into custom scenery folder or if this can be accomplished using the orbx central plug-in.


Still though the enhancement package does not show up anywhere only in my account as purchased, an download fails due to problem with internet address





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Hello Nick, I appreciate you wanting to help me with my issue, but to be clear my issue is not solved. The next problem I have with ORBX Central is it won't recognise my manual download either of the said enhancement package. The support guy "Richard Lincoln" keeps referring me back to the forum, but there is no solution on the forum, because frankly I believe it is a problem with ORBXCentral not correctly interacting with my account info. The ORBX user guide does not even address the issue of integrating a manual download into the central library. I am really stuck and feel like reversing my purchase of the enhancement package. I read another person had a similar problem back in September and apparently the problem was solved without mentioning exactly how it was solved.

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Your Central log file provides us important information, please attach it to your support requests. You can find it at the following locations, or by pressing Control + Shift + L.

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • Linux: ~/.config/Orbx/Central/central.log

You can delete this box/quote once your log is attached



I purchased the TE WA Enhancement Package. First Problem in ORBX Central, this add-on does not show up as part of my products. Secondly, the download link for this product from the "my account" page in orbxdirect.com is not working. I Searched the forum and help guidelines in ORBX Central to no avail. I managed to download the enhancement package manually, but cannot find advice how to unzip this or integrate it into my central database. Several shoutouts in the forum have remained unsolved. Please advise a solution.


Operating system:  Mac OsX

Simulator:  X-Plane 11.40


Issue:  Cannot install manual download of "TrueEarth Washington Enhancement Package" 


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On 12/11/2019 at 1:35 AM, Ben McClintock said:

Hi @Miesek,


As the Washington Enhancement Pack is an expansion for TrueEarth Washington, you will find it under TrueEarth Washington in Central:



We will be working to make it show up in the main category list

Thank you. This seems to work now. Would appreciate if it could make it on the category list for more transparency. Best regards.

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