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After New Central Ubdate 4.0.27 all Addonairports killed....


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All my Addonairports down right now after the Ubdate ! >:(

Maybe wrong Insertpoint ? But i dont change anything, insertpoint also not.... ! Whats wrong need help :-[

I Only Ubdate Orbx Central and now EDDN EDDK EBBR EIDW all make failed flying cars , Jetways Flying and Standard Terminals are inside the Addonszeneries...




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Bad Idea...

NOW P3D run out of memory and the Loading Terrain Data Time is terrible, normaly 1min, now 7mins-10mins to load Terrain Data in P3D at beginning....

Why ? I never had that Problems with old Central since Central 4 more and more Problems, new Ubdate and P3D unusabel for me








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this is not Orbx Central at work.

Once again, you have set the Insertion Point incorrectly.

It should be



the Airports and regions

below Paris Orly and the open LC entries below that.



you have openLC presumably below Paris Orly and the Airports and regions below that.


On the loading time, as you seem to have made no changes to your scenery, once it

is in the correct order, you should expect no change in the performance, as no files

have been changed.

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Id did, but i changed back because Terrible LoadingTime and Performance out of memory crash.

Now i deinstalled all Addons and Reinstalled all Addon Airports again.... NOW all Addonairports are NOT BELOW openLC/FTX but all Looks good and LoadingTime and Performance

are good now ! I dont know what was wrong but the Ubdate killed all not orbx-AddonAirports thats true....



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