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The new MSFS will open greater possibilities for orbx


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At first I thought the new MSFS will make 3rd party developers live harder. As more informations are revealed, I see more possibilities.


1. Airports. This is very obvious and it has been discussed a lot. This is where orbx truly shines.


2. Regional sceneries. As beautiful as US and some parts of Europe may look, a greater part of the world is cursed with terrible satellite imagery. In fact, the prettier US and EU look, the uglier the rest parts of the world will be, and the greater the demand of 3rd party DLC for enhancement will arise. I am imagining enhancement in many directions that crys for 3rd party developers. A next generation of vector and openlc for the new MSFS?


3. Trees. The photogrammetry trees may look pretty from 10000 feet, but it will be quite messy within 3000 feet, and definitely an eyesore under 1000 feet. AI can do the conversion and improve the look, but it will still leave a lot of errors, which has already been shown from the preview. This is also the strong area of orbx.


Orbx might lost some need for previous products, but new need will arise. Considering the new MSFS will greatly boost the user base of flight simulation, the gain will be more than the loss, if orbx can adapt properly. 



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