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Central Has Messed Up P3D Scenery Library


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I am having extreme problems with My P3D Scenery Library following a Migration I did to take files out of the P3D Primary Folder (F:\P3D) and place them in one I created outside (F:\Orbx).  as you will see from the attachments the  files appear to be corrupt and in the wrong order- see Scenery Area name. I have tried the Central facility to reposition the files in the library but this does not appear to be working.   In addition, the Orbx listed P3D Library files are now greyed out which means I cannot move them up or down!  This troubles me since I need to have certain files above the Orbx files.  Included with the attachments is an Excel Spreadsheet showing how my P3D Scenery Library should look - It is not completely up-to-date but is near enough to show how my Library should be looking.  In addition, I have attached a screenshot of my aircraft at Orbx - EGKA and as you will see although my aircraft wheels are on the ground the simobject planes are partially buried in the ground!


Your guidance/help would be very much appreciated.


Thank you













Operating system:  Windows 10 With Updates

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5 With Updates


Issue:  P3D Scenery Library In A Mess!



Orbx EGKA.jpg

P£D Scenery Library (3).PNG

P3D Scenery Library (1).PNG

P3D Scenery Library (2).PNG

central.log P3D Scenery Library Before Central File Migration.xlsx

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The Orbx entries sitting at the top shouldn't cause any add-on conflicts. You can learn more about these entries here:



Those Scenery\Global entries being spread out throughout the numbered scenery entries shouldn't cause any issues, though we'll be updating Central in the future to make sure these sit in the right place.


Do you only have elevation issues at EGKA? If so, @Nick Cooper may have an idea of what may be causing this.

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Hello Nick

Many thanks for your response and guidance.  I had no idea that FSAD would interfere with the elevation as prior to installing P3D4.5 update I was not having the problem.  I can confirm EGKA and LEBB are now ok having switched of FSAD.  It also explains why my aircraft were not positioning correctly as airport gates.

Thank you so much - you are a star!


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