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Download/Installation Problems


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Operating system:  Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Simulator:  P3d v4.5 with latest hotfix

Issue:  I have been getting problems with dowloading several ORBX products after a clean P3D reinstall (following LM's guidlines for deleting all files etc).


When downloading FTX Ireland, Wales or global base pack, ORBX central only downloads a small size of the product, then the download notification states there are no files for downloading (indicating that download has completed). I am unsure if this happens with other scenery at this stage.


Log attached only shows the attempted installation of Global base at this time, as I have made numerous attempts to download that, as well as other products, and then subsequently deleted all files (folder in Appdata, or base file in P3D folder, or uninstalling products from ORBX central) when the problem occurs, in order for me to try again with a clean install.


Running ORBX Central 4.0.25.


FTX Global Order Number - FSS0226267

FTX Wales Order Number - FSS0214451

FTX Ireland Order Number - Unable to obtain (email has not come through correctly. Order direct from ORBX website on 11/11/19 at 16:25)


Many thanks for any help you can provide


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Hi Mitchelll,


That was one thing that I had already tried (forgot to mention in original post), and it showed all files downloaded.


I have tried downloading through FTX Central instead, and that has downloaded everything with no problems at all. Perhaps it's an issue with ORBX central.

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Verify Files performs a deep check on each file to make sure it exists and matches what it should be. If it is still not downloading the full product content, there may be a Central issue here. We have found some strange behavior similar to what you describe in some scenarios and we're in the process of investigating this.

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