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TE NorCal on short finals

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13 hours ago, Badl4ndz said:

John, which version is recommended for use with VR? SD or HD? I'm currently using TE GB with my Oculus Rift S and i'm pleased with the performance.


Depends on if you fly low and slow or not.


I'd go with HD if you like skimming valleys and towns or go with SD for faster loading, less GPU usage and flying > 2500ft.


I have SD installed myself and did a lovely VR flight in my Oculus Rift S yesterday from KHAF Half Moon Bay to KSQL San Carlos and I did not really notice the difference in texture quality once I was into my climb over the hills.


Keep in mind that buying HD gives you both options because you get access to SD at no cost.

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I think it would be a far better idea to buy the version you want to use now and wait

a little while for the problem to be fixed.

You cannot use both at the same time but you can buy either without any penalty.

You will notice that the extra required to "upgrade" from SD to HD is the exact difference

between the two prices.




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Hi Nick

I have already bought the HD version.  However I have no intention of installing HD until I get a larger Also I don't want to wast both ORBX and my band width installing the HD version at this time only to unstable it once the issue is resolved Perhaps I will do that?

I just thought so I fly in Northern California this weekend if I also bye the SD version until ORBX resolve the issue then apply for a refund.







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17 hours ago, John Venema said:

Your 1060 should be fine if it has 6GB or more of VRAM. Just make sure you set your X-Plane Texture Resolution slider to 'High', not 'Maximum'.



Thanks John, sorry I am jumping the gun a bit, I am actually have P3D v4.5 and was just reading the previews, I take it the advice is the same though? 





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