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Orbx Central and Temp files

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I have just come across what might be a problem to some who have limited disc space.


A week ago I installed 2 new TB drives solely for PRD3 and XP11 - loaded them with complete new installations

of each Sim and all my Orbx software pertaining to each sim. My System C drive (500GB) properties remained on a much reduced usage

- but not as much as I expected after removing PD3 and all my Orbx (Inc TE UK South) 

I had purchased a new XP 11 and Orbx Britain TE - for the other new drive


Today I decided to do a smaller than  usual Crap Cleanup - and could not understand why it was taking so long to analyse

- since I only asked CC to empty recycle bin and Temp files.


The temp file contained ----- Orbx temps to the tune of 96 GB - 83652 files - in 6 folders - IE approx. the size of Orbx installed

earlier in System c drive


I had always thought that after installing anything - Orbx Central cleaned up afterwards ???


P.S. Before doing all this - I deleted Central 3 as instructed - and used the new Central for all of the above




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The simple answer Doug - is that I thought it was more of a possible General problem that others 

might be affected and not knowing - and I wasn't looking for Central support per se !


I looked at Central and thought that although It Might be a problem with Central - it might have been my own problem

in that - possibly - I/we/others should check after doing all that I had outlined leading up to it - .ie doing another full download

following uninstalling Central 3.


I would prefer it to be here in General - maybe as well as Central support - but --- you're a moderator

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Thanks Nick - Hi !


Just a question of semantics - and whatever the unidentified intervention - it happened.


Maybe someone else will read this and just  check their  temp file.


Personally - it won't happen again because - in the unlikely event that 

I will again need to reload all my previously loaded Orbx stuff - the first place I will check

is the temp file in C Drive.

 Mind you - I will need to reload TE South when I get my free upgrade - and I have this feeling 

that although I just bought the whole XP11 Britain TE package - I will still buy the other 2 sections

for PD3 - as a Xmas present to myself if for no other reason - than I installed the total PD3 / Orbx stuff 

on an Exclusive new 2TB HDD. 

Sheesh - that will need some temp space


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when you do install your next large Orbx Product, please be aware that there is no need to restrict

the temporary folder to your C drive and that it can be set to be anywhere you would like it to be.

You can use this setting to move it as required.






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Once again - Thanks Nick


Information not known to me previously - so I haven't wasted your time - or mine

I think even more now that I was right in placing the thread in General

- because I'll bet that there aren't too many out there who know this facility exists




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