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Netherlands HD No city buildings/landmarks ?


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I have installed the NetherlandsHD 1.1.0 on my new pc with Prepar3d v4.5.


The photorealistic terrain is fantastic!.  But I expected also landmarks/poi's, and for instance in Rotterdam,  some towersblocks.  But nothing...


Do I have to install (buy) other products to see buildings ?


If not, what do i have to do, to see those landmarks, towerblock ?


I have checked en rechecked the settings in both Orbx central (4.0.23) and P3d.


See pictures of the settings.



In orbx central also installed are


libraries (19.6.1)

objectFlow (2.1.0)


I hope some one can help me. Again, the terrain is great, but I want to fly with some 3d on it (besides the airports...)






settings display.png

settings world.png

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Mmm, very quiet here...


Some extra info:  the scenery library.  The numbers in the names of the orbx scenery area's doesn't correspond with the priority. nld_05_scenery is the last...  Al the orbx area's are not changable.  


Still hoping for a good hint...



scenery library.png

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Hello Nick,


Thanks for your reaction.


I have installed the Netherlands scenery by Orbx Central.  I don't have changed any priority (Both in Orbx central gui as in prepar3d gui I see no options to order the library entries). I don't have touched any files in c:\orbx.


Can you explain how to order the orbx libraries ?



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Hello Mitchell,


'Verify Files' has been runned, central.txt is attached.


Verify did it !   The Netherlands scenery is now in the right order, and I see scenery when I  start flying !


Thanks for the tip. For your information, after the initial installation and the lack of scenery, I have tried Verify files ones, but then with no succes.



rotterdam with scenery.jpg

orbx ned libs right order.png


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