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Update process from FTX3 to Orbx Central

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Just a general question...I searched around a bit but didn't see the answer.


If I have FTX Central 3 with scenery installed into P3dv4, do I have to uninstall everything out of the simulator, delete FTX Central and then switch to Orbx Central and re-install everything?


Will FTX Central continue to have the updates for my current products?






Operating system:  Windows 7 64

Simulator:  P3dV4hf2




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1 hour ago, Mitchell Williamson said:

 and will work just fine with your existing installed products.




so to include existing installs in OC (thus in one library with new installs), it is not an auto migration & as asked it is a manual process.



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I'm with John,


I have a 500Gb SSD with everything on it: Win 10, P3D, FTX3, and all Orbx scenery. I'm very happy with the set up and enjoy the speed of loading etc. 


I am getting a bit short of space but I don't want to take anything off C drive. (2TB average speed spinning Drive D) 


I'm worried if I fire up Orbx Central on C: and it updates packages that I am going to get large temp files or duplicates on C that may clog up normal operation or bring the system to it's knees.

Are my worries groundless?



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