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Global TerraFlora download


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I just ordered Global TerraFlora and tried to Download and Install but it has been sitting in the Download Queue on Orbx Central for some 12 hours now and all other downloads are queued behind it.

I did a manual download and clicked Install via Manual Download but it still just sits there.

When I click cancel it just sits there saying 'cancelling'



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We'll be reworking the download install in the next update which should hopefully address this issue. In the meantime, can you try the following:

  • Go to https://orbxdirect.com/account/info/terraflora-xp11
  • Press 'Orbx Central Manual Download' and let the file download
  • In Orbx Central, go to the TerraFlora page
  • Press the 'Install via Manual Download' button
  • Select the file you downloaded previously
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Thanks for the above.

Unfortunately as soon as Orbx Central loads it immediately starts trying to download Global TerraFlora and will not cancel.

I have disabled AutoUpdates on all the purchases but I can't disable the Global TerraFlora one since it's not actually installed yet!

Can you remove Global TerraFlora from my Account Purchases?



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  • 1 month later...

That's a couple of months now and the Orbx Central is still not downloading any updates except the program itself.

I'm on version  v4.0.33 which it updated to successfully this morning but none of the purchased products will update.

Never gets past 10%, do I need to open any special ports ?

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Unfortunately, although I can see that it sticks in a never ending loop, 

I do not know how to proceed.

You could try a reinstall of all the prerequisites as detailed in the user guide

and if that does not work, a reinstallation of Orbx Central itself.

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