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Looking to update from FTX Central V2, new PC


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I hope that someone can point me in the right direction. One of my PC has died so have just got a new PC. I kept the old hard drive which includes  my steam games including FSX steam edition. I have got my FSX up and running again however I no longer have FTX Central.


I never upgraded from V2 as upgrading gives me anxiety and am of the thought, if it works fine then leave it. Now I have been forced into this. It's complicated by the fact that I have two computers and multiple purchases of FTX Global and Trees HD plus my other PC has full fat regions. (still using V2 on that rig)


I believe I have to register for ORBX direct? to transfer my software.  Is anyone able to give me idiot proof instructions on how to do this?  ( if it really is simple then would like to update my other PC aswell)


kind regards


Daz  (youtube Dkentflyer)



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