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active elevation issues at PGM and KEB airstrips

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Win 10 64

P3d v4.5 with no hotfixes


I have SAK

and PAHO

and PILOT's Mesh


I like to fly from PAHO to KEB and PGM


but both KEB and PGM have elevation issues. - the airports are sunk in and surrounded by plateaus all around. 


Is there anyway to flatten that area out more or ?

I went into AEC and none of those airports are listed for AEC on or off. 

I thought about running the auto config thing but I'm afraid it will mess up some of my third party airports that are now looking good.


any ideas?



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well I got that program and used it and it made things worse for PGM and KEB but better for AK07


I used to land on these airports all of the time. I think it went wonky on me when I installed Pilot's Ultimate mesh.


Is there a way I can make my own custom flatten file?

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Hello Brian,

you can and that is what the Orbx developers did to fit the mesh that is included with SAK.

You will first have to learn how to use the Airport Design Editor and then practice for hours or

even days to hone your newly acquired skill in creating sloping flattens.


Alternatively, you could disable the add on mesh when flying in this area.

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