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resolved LEBB Elevation Issue

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Hello Guys,


went to reinstall my complete system. Unfortunately I got some elevation issues with LEBB.

I have Global, Vector, OpenLC EU, GES North and South installed, without any issues so far except LEBB.

ORBX Central 4.0.16 is used, scenery data is installed in the sim folder. P3D is the very latest version with HF2.

Already tried reinstalling the scenery. The Vector Tool doesnt suggest LEBB to be excluded.


Any suggestions what to try next?

Thanks for your help





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29 minutes ago, Marcus Nyberg said:

Hi there!


do you have any AI addon? 

They tend to add their own airport files which interferes with our airports when we set a custom height for the ground.





Hello Marcus,


thanks for the quick reply! No I dont a have an AI traffic addon installed, as i am using IVAO. 

Very weird that I got that issue, didnt have that in my previous Installation and I am still at the very beginning of my new Installation so there ist not much going on scenery-wise at the moment

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Ah! Alright,


Can you please check if you have got a file called LEBB something in P3D/Scenery/world/Scenery?

I’m not at my computer at the moment so can’t check the exact name but should be something with LEBB, maybe LEBB_ADE_ALT_MN.bgl or something.


If you installed Bilbao using the new FTX Central you might have installed using the new method where the whole scenery and all files involved in a folder outside the main P3D folder, in that case that file should be in the LEBB folder/scenery/world/scenery. You can in that case try taking that file placing it in the main P3D/scenery/world/scenery folder instead and see if that fixes it. It simply seems like the custom airport altitude is being overriden or that the file is not active.


Give that a go, if that doesnt work we will try some other things :)

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During the installation I choosed the P3D folder install method (so legacy way).

The folder P3D/Scenery/world/Scenery contains the following file: LEBB_ADEP3_MN_ALT.bgl


I then had a look into the P3D\ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_AA_LEBB\scenery folder. I could see there is a similar file in there: LEBB_ADEP3_MN_CVX.bgl

Maybe this is the conflict?

Tried to remove one of them and keep the other, then started the simulator, no success with both unfortunately.

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Hi !


sorry for the wait, moved in to my new flat over the weekend.


Is the orbx sceneries in top of the p3d scenery stack?


in most cases it is either that the orbx entires are not in the top of the stack and/or that another add-on is adding its own file for LEBB. 


also might wanna check this out:


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No worries, hope you are enjoying your new home!

Well, I also have FSAD installed and fixed it the same way @dagghito did on the other Thread.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Very strange behaviour LM implemented there. Maybe you guys can reach out to them so they are aware that there really is a problem.

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