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Morning All,


I attended the Flight Sim Show at RAF Cosford on Saturday and Sunday over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I have attended each year for the last three years and have to say that it has got better and better each year, with more exhibitors each year.


I have found myself 'in-between-sims' over the last 12-18 months, firstly holding off for the release of the ill-fated FSW and now I find myself again holding off making a move, waiting for MSFS2020 - so I was really just wanting to catch up on developments in the market but mainly was looking forward to the Orbx presentation. 


I arrived at the lecture theatre more than 15 minutes before Orbx were due to start and unsurprisingly, all seats were occupied.  No problem - we stood at the side. 


Sadly, an over-zealous and rude member of staff (I assume from the museum) then announced that anyone without a seat would need to leave.  To my knowledge, he then proceeded to kick out only a handful of us, despite their being upwards of 30/40 people standing along the sides and at the back of the room.  After making a 700-mile round trip to attend the conference, it was incredibly frustrating to miss the one thing i really wanted to see and that staff members attitude left a sour taste in the mouths of a good few of us. 


Are you able to advise if an e-version of the presentation/update will be made available on the forum?


I did however spend some time at the Orbx stand, watching and listening with interest.  Was pleased to manage to see JV and Holger but didn't get the chance to speak with either unfortunately.  I did however manage to take this photograph of Holger being interviewed (i hope it is ok to post it here).


Already looking forward to next years event.  Thanks Orbx.  Cheers,





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Hi Caluma65. Just saw this post and yes it is strange that they kicked you out as though I didn’t go this year as my son who usually does the driving was not able to go. We did go last year and as someone said the sides and back where crammed with people. Plus also as it was a two day event perhaps that’s why they ended up clearing some people out. Hope to see you there at next years show. Derek.

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