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Central 4.0.16 Installer problems


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Installed fresh P3Dv4 v4.5.13.32097 (HF2).  First time P3D has been on this machine.


Installed Global base using Orbx Central


Installed OpenLC NA using Orbx Central


Following the installation of OpenLC NA (into a library), I inspected the scenery config.  There are duplicate entries for several scenery areas, including OPENLC_zBASE and OPENLC_NAMERICA1...one entry for each was in the add-on.xml file that Orbx installed in the library, the other entry was in the Scenery.cfg, presumably placed there during the Global Base install.  Also, all of the entries in add-on.xml use the same layer number (134), and layer 134 also has a conflicting definition in a section placed in the Scenery.cfg by the installer as OPENLC_EUROPE1.


So after installing just two base-level Orbx products and with no other add-on scenery, my P3D config is already boogered-up.  Good grief guys, really?????


Bob Scott


Operating system:  Win 10 1903

Simulator:  P3D v4.5.13.32097 (4.5+HF2)





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On further inspection, it's apparent that there are different bgl files in the scenery areas bearing duplicate names.


From a configuration maintenance perspective, it'd sure be a lot more user-friendly if the scenery areas were all given unique names.  It appears that the Lorby-SI addon manager is having some trouble with the duplicate names, as well...when trying to move areas up/down in the list, it goes wonky when encountering one of the areas with duplicated names (or when trying to move the duplicate-named areas themselves).


It's difficult to manage a complex scenery config when each run of Orbx Central turns a well-ordered hierarchical list of scenery areas into a scrambled mess.


Bob Scott

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Hi Bob,


If you use the Lorby-SI add-on manager you will get a much better experience using Orbx Central by enabling the 'Advanced Layering' option in the Central Settings under Insertion Point. This was designed from the ground up to work much better with the layering the add-on manager does and will cleanup duplicates. This layering mode will eventually become the default.

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