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True Earth for British Columbia, Yukon or southern Alaska?


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10 hours ago, olderndirt said:

Wonder how many of those 'Z' tiles it takes to cover Alaska?


For me it wouldn't have to be all of Alaska; if only the Panhandle and the area of the current SAK scenery were covered, that would be neat.


(Still, western Canada would be much more favourable :wub:)


With the current sale going on and TE Washington being available I was wondering whether I should get that scenery or hold out for a "true" North America bush  flying scenery. Washington is nice, but it is not really "bush". With the size of those files, I have to be careful in what I strain my HD with.

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54 minutes ago, Dadtom65 said:

I would have thought that it is in the pipeline seeing as we already have it for P3D. I assume it’s just a matter of converting it over to Xplane. But I might be wrong. Derek.

Yes it is available for P3D but iit is not ortho scenery based which True Earth is.

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