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Installing FSX scenery after P3Dv4 - Advice


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I am doing a new PC sim install. So far I have installed P3Dv4 (C:) with Orbx Library and Backup folders in (R:). Everything seems present and correct.

Now I want to install Orbx scenery to FSX for OZx testing. Am I able to use the downloads from the P3Dv4 install to minimise the downloading and how would I go about it?

I haven't been able to find anything in the forum so far regarding this.


I tried to install Australia v2. After clicking the install button it asked if I wanted to install the scenery library which I did (and now appears as installed in the list) but I only get the spinning circle in the install button after that. I checked the Orbx folder in FSX and it has copied the files over, just doesn't seem to finish the task.



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