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LOWI Innsbruck no runway lights


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Hi there,

I have no night runway lights at Innsbruck.

So far I have tried..

  • Verify Files (in Central 4)
  • uninstall and reinstall
  • Install to either ORBX library or P3dV4 folder (both tried).
  • uninstall/reinstall P3DV4 Client.
  • delete Prepar3D.cfg
  • updated to latest graphics drivers

All used to be OK until recently but now I am stumped!

Could you give me anything else to try, please?




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Hi together,

it seems I am facing a similar issue. LOWI runway lights do not appear until I nearly touch the runway on a night approach. I tried to change the settings for the airport, no effect.


I use Win7, p3d v4.5, Orbx Germany South, North, trees, LOWI, all up-to-date.


I hope, somebody my be able to give us some advice on this topic.


Thank you very much


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I have now tried..

Uninstalling  via Central 4 and deleting all temp and ORBX downloads.

uninstalled SODE.

Deleted all references to LOWI in the sim drive.

Uninstalled and re-configured ORBX LOWI via Central 4 


Still no lights. There are runway edge lights there but they are extremely dim. The “rabbit” lights work.

Suggestions  very welcome!





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It has been my opinion that after the recent updates, Central 4 was working correctly, but I nevertheless took the plunge just now and uninstalled it and re-installed Central 3, and re-installed LOWI from a pre-existing ORBX download.

NOW - the LOWI runway lights work!

Subsequently I re-installed Central 4 - and the lights now DON’T work, even after configuration.


I find all this rather disheartening - I like the Central 4 interface and the ease of use - but not if it isn’t installing correctly.

Some suggestions on why this might have happened would be appreciated, and I must admit I wonder if my other ORBX scenery is not installed correctly, but life is short..:-(





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I have found the problem with the  runway lights, (which were also absent in a number of other ORBX sceneries).

 I also had an issue with ESSA Stockholm ground textures, and found a reference in the forum to “ObjectFlow”not working. I uninstalled it in Central and re-installed in my chosen ORBX folder. Both issues fixed!

Here endeth a lot of hours trying to sort it out!

It may be that this is a fix for a number of strange issues?

i certainly have no idea why it wasn’t working in the first place, but the issue started when I changed from Central 3 to the new Central.

Hope this helps some folk..



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