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Dual Enteries Suggestion for openLC NA and EU products


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Operating system:  Windows 1903 (latest)

Simulator:  Prepar3d v4.5 HF1

Screenshot:  See below

Issue:  Dual enteries


Hi guys,


I know it is mentioned in the forums but there is something strange going on here.  My suggestion is to have open LC NA and EU also installed inside the sim - just like global is installed for now.  That will eliminate the double enteries as Global already creates open LC NA and EU directory.


What is strange is open LC Base is being created to if open LC EU is installed outside the sim after global and vector are installed (global being installed in the sim and Vector being installed outside).


Now the weird part which is outside Orbx control is FS Global 2018 NG - It has to be installed first b/c its installer disables some bgl in the scenery directory.  For example if I install a scenery addon (using the xml method) outside the sim as first addon and then install FS Global 2018 - it then makes the default Sharurah City scenery by LM disabled.  It is all weird.


Then if you add global after that - more things start to breakup.


For now what I can think of is this solution (please bug LM to do something about this).


Install Orbx Global Base+Vector+open LC EU and NA in the sim itself.  I believe the rest can be installed outside the sim.  If you are installing FS Global 2018 NG as mesh (install that first) and then the Orbx Global, Vector, open LC EU, NA - all in the sim


Vector being installed outside the sim - hardly works with 1.6.5 config app (not seeing any airports in auto config).


I hope my post helps all of you.






orbx dual.png

orbx dual2.png


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