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Central4 does not use or find backups for installation

Hoffie 3000

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Operating system:  Windows 10 Pro

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5 Pro


Issue:  Central4 does not use or find backups for installation


After rebuilding my PC after crash, I had installed my Orbx products one after the other using the xml method, but unfortunately with errors at some airports. 

There the buildings were not displayed (LEAS, LOWI, PAEN, PAJN, PAKT ) but at other airports (ESSA, LEBB, KSAN) they were.

To narrow down the error I have deleted all Orbx products via Central4 and want to install step by step.

I have a separate backup hard disk with 101GB of Orbx files backed up with Central 4.010.

Unfortunately Central 4.012 does not use the backup folder but reloads the files from the server.



For example, if I want to reinstall Vector, the following happens: 

Central4 wants to install the libraries first, but does not use the files saved in the backup, but reloads them from the server. 
Then Vector tries to load from the server again, but I aborted. 
The separate hard disk with the backups is of course connected. 



Then I had the idea that it might work with "My Products", because I wanted to install Vector with the "Global Range" before. 
Unfortunately no backup is taken here either. 




Any ideas how i can solve the Problem?


Latest LOG-File:



Regards, Wolfgang

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My mistake!

Friedi from the German forum found the error for me.

During the installation I had two USB hard disks connected - drive H: and I: and on I: the backup was made.

Only today I have connected only one hard disk - with drive H: letters.

There Central of course can't find that.


Installation has now worked.

Ok, then we can lie down again :D



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