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resolved YBBN can't choose a runway or ramp/door the 2nd time


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I've got a problem since the installation of AUv2 or the check of files of the YBBN scenery in Orbx Central:

- when I start the 1rst time FSX, I can choose what I want in the fly organizer for YBBN as runway in service, one specific runway or ramp or door... => the list is full of entries => GOOD!

- when I've flown there, if I change the airport or if I've choosen another airport and then want to fly from YBBN, the list contains only one entry, the runway in service, all the other entries are gone! => BAD :wacko:


What problem can cause that?

And if I choose this entry, the aircraft is placed in a building in the center of the airport of Brisbane or of the zone covered by the Orbx scenery perhaps, certainly not on the runway...

Please see the pictures below.




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Hi a new time,


I just done some other tests: in fact YBBN is only a little seabase for now on my rig, see the picture below please, all have been gone!

I can never choose something else than the runway in service in the list; I was mistaken: I can start the first time because it's my by default fly registered as my home airport...


Thus, the question is how can I retrieve YBBN and all its airport facilities please? (runways, ramps, ILS...)


I put the list of files containing "YBBN" too below.

Thank you for any help, I'm lost :-[ There is a duplicate definition airport somewhere...




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