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NA Southern Rockies

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While viewing some online maps of ORBX regions coverage (not ORBX official), I noticed a few that had a Southern Rockies region outlined along with the others I am familiar with. Was this just someone's wishful thinking or is there actually a Southern Rockies Region in the works?


And while on the subject, are there any plans for a Desert Southwest Region which would include the Grand Canyon and all of the magnificent National Parks in Utah?

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It is someone's wishful thinking, for P3D and FSX. Holger Sandmann addressed the question some time ago and stated that the variety of terrain  in our part of the USA was too varied for the region process they were using at that time. For X-Plane it has not been addressed, but Orbx is concentrating on the more populated areas already made as P3D regions. There is Ortho 4XP coverage of Utah and AF2 has photo scenery for Utah. I agree that the Grand Canyon would be great. Perhaps Orbx will make TE Southern Rockies one day, but it probably will be far in the future. I was hoping Orbx would continue the National Parks series of sceneries, but they seem to have decided to concentrate on Cityscapes. Bigger potential market, as more people are in cities than in National Parks, and the critters in the Parks do not seem interested in flight simulation.

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That's what I thought.


Another question then for the ORBX developers. You've done such a good job with the color shading of the desert in the Southern California Region, I'm wondering if it might be possible to update the color shading of the US desert regions in OpenLC NA to better match that coloring? As it is now, the desert areas look almost "yellow" in color and are unrealistic, especially when compared to the color shading of SC Region. It's probably a lot more work than I'm imagining, but would really help the immersion level when flying over any terrain in OpenLC currently using that "yellow" color.

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