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Kinda confused - FTX Northern California not working?


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Hi, I don't have a lot of time to play around with two small children so here and there I get bursts of time/energy to get my sim time in.  I bought Northern California back in May and i'm still playing around with it.  Transaction ID 5ce2076d48f94.  I've been looking around to find the dams everyone is talking about but I can't seem to find any.  The graphics are great, but I really wish I could find out what is stomping over the dam files etc.  It feels to me like it didn't install right, but all my settings appear to be correct in FTX Central i.e. it says its installed and up to date.  I also have Global BASE, openLC North America, Trees HC and VECTOR installed.  All appear to be running OK.  Any suggestions ?



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First, add KRED (Redding) to your library and KEKA/KFOT.   The flight between them will give you a lot of dams north and south of your flight.  All the addons by NCA to Oregon is also very nice.   Been flying there since the software was available.  About the only place other than the Rockies that I like to fly  above wing ac.




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