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First Install Problem EVER! with Orbx


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Windows 10

P3d V4+ the latest version



Just purchased 1WA6 ( Fall City Airport ) using  the new Orbx Central for the first and as you can see having a issue.  Must admit it was easy as pie purchacing this orbx product... very nice job with the new system.  My hope is a soluation to my problem. 


I have checked out my other orbx scenery and all looks correct. so, my thinking is it has to do with the new Orbx Central.  


Thanks for the time


Robert  in Stockholm.  





Operating system:  





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I now know the issue, but, do not now why its happenning.  The scenery installed but, it did not get  added automactlly  to the scenery library. I added it manually and now its showing correcty.  Can anyone help me correct this. I must have something set incorrect.



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Guest Josh Koz

Hi Robert,


Can you attach your central.log file and your scenery.cfg file? I suspect this issue may be related to a missing Layer on one of the entries in your scenery.cfg file and providing these will confirm if this is the case.

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Hi Robert


The only issue I see is that you need to set your top insertion point so all of your 3rd party non Orbx addons are at the top of your scenery library and above your FTX entries.


You can find the insertion point functions under settings within Orbx Central.

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Yo... Doug  :)


I did set both insertion points to the to scenery library...thanks for the instructions here.


I removed one of my orbx scenery´s ( KORS it was ) and made sure only the orbx default was present after restarting.


Shut every down again and opened Orbx Central and reinstalled KORS. 


Upon starting P3D I noticed the KORS scenery did not load. I went into the scenery library and saw KORS was there but not enabled. I simply enabled the box and the KORS scenery showed as it should.  all this simply means is the KORS scenery installed but did not get enabled using orbx central.  


All in all its better than it was before correcting the insertion points.


Now down to why it´s not enabling upon install with Orbx Central. 


...anymore ideas and I am wondering if I am the only one having this issue.


Thanks for all the time with me here. 



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