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ORBX CENTRAL not working


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Hello I am having a problem login in to my ORBX account and installing my products. I was hit by a virus and reinstalled my windows and have 

reinstalled my P3Dv4 and FSX. I logged into the ORBX website, with my account number, downloaded the new FTX CENTRAL 4.10

After installing FTX CENTRAL and running it, Central asks me for my account registration number, I enter the pw or number or what ever you want to call it, and 

it then shows my two sims, P3Dv4 and FSX. 

 When I  click on either of the two sims available, FTX CENTRAL again asks me for my pw or account number,  it asks me for account number again, and again, and again. It keeps doing this!!

Which ever sim I click on does the same thing, will not acknowledge my pw or account number, and does not allow me to move into the next phase of downloading  and installing my products.

What in the world is going on. Please help.

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Hello Nick Yes my time is correct. I will set it manually again to the correct time just incase that makes a difference.

What I have done is uninstalled ORBX using the add remove program in windows.

My system is very clean just reinstalled windows 10 to the latest 1903 and reinstalled my simulators.

I am not sure if my netframe works are up to date?? they should be. I do know my DX is up to date.

I cannot understand this problem I am having,as in the past installing ORBX has been hassle free.

I have never had this type of issue and I have owned ORBX products now for at least 12 years or longer.

I owned ORBX when they just offered the Pacific Fjords for FSX.

This morning again logging in to my account I had to reset my password ????? 

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