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Orbx weather themes.

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I have a proliferation of them in fact eight of each.

e.g. Orbx Weather 1 times 8

       Orbx Weather 2 times 8

       Orbx Weather 3 times 8

and so on until we get to Orbx Weather 7 and there's only 2 of them. I wonder who 7 upset!

These are in addition, of course, to the LM default weather themes.

I've checked the  C:\ORBX Scenery\p3dv4\Orbx Libraries\Weather\themes and there are three files per theme which looks about right. The trail ran cold after that.

W10 Professional and a brand new install of P3D v4.5 plus Orbx LC etc. and some selected airports.

In the grand scheme of things it's not a huge problem but it looks so UNTIDY!

Oh, I also verified the Libraries in Orbx Central

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Wow! You got me going there. Sadly no sign of them. Now where else could the little blighters be?

Just did a search of C: Guess what, there is an instance of ORBX1.wt in every bit of scenery I've installed so far! 15 areas plus Libraries. Everywhere from England to NZ North and South.

Now what? :huh:

When I did the P3D uninstall it was with a vengeance! EVERYTHING went. So there were no residues.


I forgot. I looked in P3D\Weather\themes and there are just the LM themes.

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Hello Ron,

And I thought it was something I had done. I also have the same issue Ron and I am no closer to solving this issue. Also tried what Nick had suggested to no avail.

Very strange indeed.





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Hi Ron,


The problem is that the weather themes somehow got duplicated in a few of the regions (probably including OpenLC areas, but I don't have any of those). All you need is the copies in "Orbx Libraries", so the (temporary) solution is to open each region folder and delete the "Weather" subfolder inside it. (You may want to check if theme 7 is present in the "Orbx Libraries" folder, I think it was included in some more recent regions only).


Apparently, it's a known issue and "noted" (according to this thread).




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It seems to be an unintended consequence.

I can see why it happens but it seems the only way to stop it under this new regime

would be to remove the weather themes from either all the propducts or add them to

only one.

The developers might surprise us by adding the means to cull the spurious entries with

Orbx Central.


This is the reply to the topic in the closed beta, not so long ago, on 26th July.




These weather files were included in multiple products, but in FTX Central 3 only one copy of each was actually installed into the simulator. Now that we use add-on.xml and everything is separate from the simulator, these multiple products result in multiple copies being loaded by the simulator.


We're aware of it and its on our todo list to clean up ;)



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Hi Nick,


Actually, the solution is rather simple: since the weather themes are already included in the Orbx Libraries (which are "mandatory"), they can safely be removed from all other products.


The only thing to verify is whether theme 7 comes with the libraries or with some region products only (I moved it to the libraries when I was cleaning up the "Weather" subfolders in regions, so I can't check it without a whole lot of installing/reinstalling).






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Thanks, the solution is indeed simple.

I doubt that this solution has escaped the developers either.

However, removing a few tiny files and then recompiling several very large product downloads

before uploading them to the servers is, although also a simple process, not necessarily a five minute job.


I would hope that following the undertaking from Mitchell that it will be sorted out that

it will be sorted out but I would be surprised if it is at the top of anyones "todo" list just yet.



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