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Prepar3d Won't Start After Installing Global Product To Prepare3D v4 Add-ons Folder

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This is a new clean installation.

I have not installed any other add on software for Prepare3d yet.

I chose to use a library outside of the Prepar3d file structure for installation; the default Prepar3d add on location (Prepare3D v4 Add-ons). 

After Installing my owned Global Products Base Pack, Tress HD, VECTOR, OpenLC Europe, OpenLC Mesh South America, OpenLC North America, OpenLC South America; Prepar3d just hangs at the splash/dialog screen.

When I remove the ORBX Global files completely from the Prepar3d default add on folder Prepar3d would start up and go to the scenario dialog.


I have attempted to re-synchronize the simulator from the ORBX Central help screen and it did not fix anything.

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