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Crashes during download when disk becomes full

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Operating system:  Win10


Simulator:  XP11.35, P3Dv4.5

Issue:  Orbx Central crashes during download when disk becomes full

Dear Orbx support,

I was downloading TrueEarth US Oregon SD and when I came back to my PC after some time I found the Orbx Central not running. When I launched it, it crashed. I then logged out from my Windows account, logged back in and tried to run it again and the download continued. Right after that I noticed the files are being downloaded to my C drive, which doesn't have space left. I paused the download, tried to change download folder to my other drive (hoping maybe it will move files to the new location, as it indicated there is 20gb+ in it), and resumed the download. Files were still being downloaded to the original folder and few seconds later Orbx Central crashed again. Only solution was to cancel the download and start again.


I have "Check disk space before installing" checked in "Downloader" settings. So it either did not check it correctly or it was checking only target install location, not the download one.

I have a good connection so downloading 22gb again is not that much pain for me, but even for me that's almost an hour lost, on slow connection this can ruin someone's day.


My suggestions:

- fix/implement free storage check on download folder

- if possible, when download is canceled ask user if he wants to delete already downloaded files. In case that he wants to keep them check if download folder has been changed and if it was, move the files to the new download location. If the download folder was not changed just leave them where they are. This could potentially help save users some time with also other download issues (i think).


P.S.: I copied the log file during the download to the new location, just so you know and don't get confused why it ends how it does.


Keep up the great work guys!

Best regards,

Ján Valkocentral.log


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