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True-Earth Washington deacitvated when I changed my library path

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All I did was change the library path from H:\Orbx Library to F:\Orbx Library and and now it has deactivated true earth washington for xplane11... since I had to swap it to my F drive since it had more room for my Oregon installation... at the time I wasn't aware that you could create as many empty new libraries you wanted... but how do you activate the scenery if it's already installed? If we can't can do it now can we have a troubleshooter for re-activating already installed sceneries in extneral hard-drive's in the next patch?


If there's a way around this right now I'd be glad to figure it out but it's not like P3D how you go add scenric library and activate inside the simulator on any hard-drive you want...If you know off a way please let me know, oh and I can't click save new library because my library ins't empty (no-duh)...






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Guest Josh Koz


On 8/18/2019 at 3:20 PM, maxkillers said:

how do you activate the scenery if it's already installed?


If the product is already installed into the H:\Orbx Library path but this isn't set up as a library, you should be able to simple move the contents of this directory to F:\Orbx Library and give Central a restart. It should then scan the F:\Orbx Library directory and find the TrueEarth Washington scenery.

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