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Can I Change the Orbx back up Folder Name?


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Attached shows several backups Orbx has placed into my designated location.


Can I change the names of these folders, to fit into my specific scheme? And still be able to call on them to do a reinstall? OR Am I stuck with these names that Orbx Central give them?

See screenie. The top four are new, the ones below are my names I used for early Central 3 installs.


And, can I use my older named folders for doing a reinstall. I did not see anything on how to go about a reinstall and how the Central IDs where those files are located.




Operating system:  






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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to Can I Change the Orbx back up Folder Name?
22 minutes ago, Nick Cooper said:


my guess would be that if you change the folder names, Orbx Central will no longer see them,

as there does not seem to be a means to manually point it to the backup, as in FTX Central.


That's why I was asking of course, it seemed to me that this would be an issue.  Which leads to the second part of my question, I have over 100 airports, every region, global, vector and more already set as backups, not including the new TEs for XP...500gigs data in 200 folders.


I would be helpful if central had an ability to reinstall from a manual location.



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OK Nick, thanks for moving this forward.

I grabbed one of the new installs....EGSG which was installed via Central 4 and uninstalled and then did a reinstall....it all worked as I expect the developers had designed.


I will not try one of the old ones at this time and wait to hear more perhaps on this.


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