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Migrate all in one shot


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Hi guys,


i just installed Orbx Central and read the manual.

1 question; is there a way to migrate all my products in one shot to the new library (out of P3D) or must i do it one by one?





Operating system:  W10

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5 / FSX steam / Xplane 11




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I posed the same question a couple of days ago and Nick Cooper gave me this answer> "

"Hello Howard,

I am told that you can indeed do that by selecting migrate for each product which will then queue them

to be done one by one."

It did work. I just had to click on the MIGRATE button for each one and went to bed. When I got up the next morning they were all moved. You do have to select each one, it doesn't take long,  but you do not have to sit there waiting for the move to finish on one before starting the next one. 


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before i start the migration i checquet everething en geth next message by synchronisation with the sim



"An error occured while trying to synchronise your simulator"


any idea wath this means?, acction i can do?

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