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ORBX Central always online...


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Hi ORBX Team, according to a finding from simmershome ORBX Central opens ports in the firewall without asking, Ports 0, 6729 and 54895) and is always connected to the internet.


Furthermore, while using ORBX Central, saturn.exe communicates via ports 0 and 54895 with the internet, OrbX Central.exe via port 6729 and additionally to that, checking SSL certificates. According to simmershome, data is transferred to Amazon in Oregon and to Google. As you are not asked for a login with ORBX Central once you set everything up, those connections are established irrespective of the user wanting to buy a ORBX product.  I understand that this is the easy solution for including the shop into ORBX Central, but what I find totally inacceptable is the fact that those ports are opened, the connection to the internet is maintained even after ORBX Central is closed (you need to restart your computer to shut down those connections).


Can someone of the devs please shed some light on this? Or at least give some background, why this permanent internet connection is maintained even after ORBX Central is shut down? And why this is no safety risk for my credit card data?


Besides that, I do not get why ORBX is not pulling the emergency line and starts a "recall" for ORBX Central. This software is a utter mess and it results in a utter mess of the Prepar3d v4.x installations. It is far away from being finished, it is in BETA state and should not have been published this way. Above finding is just another point on the long list of basically inacceptable things.

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According to some clarifying posts elsewhere, above observation was due to a wrong setting in ORBX Central. Within the settings, you can select to minimize ORBX Central to the tray or to close it. The "minimize to tray" is the default setting. As soon as you unselect this, ORBX Central will properly close and shut down all connections (as you would expect). Case closed and sorry for the inconvenience...

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