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Airport Elevation Corrections (Vector)


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Your Central log file provides us important information, please attach it to your support requests. You can find it at the following locations, or by pressing Control + Shift + L.

  • Windows: %APPDATA%/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Orbx/Central/central.log
  • Linux: ~/.config/Orbx/Central/central.log

You can delete this box/quote once your log is attached




Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  Prepar3d V4.5


Issue:  I now have another problem in that AEC in Vector does not work. I ran the software and disabled KLAS as I do. When I ran the simulator there is huge problems with McCarron Airport which is usually sorted with me disabling KLAS as I use another Las Vegas scenery. With the last control panel the whole sim was perfect. Also Cardiff Airport is missing which is part of the Wales software. 



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Please, please use the search function before posting a question that was already asked about 10 times in the last 24h...


The AEC Tool does not work with add-on.xml based sceneries, it can simply not detect them. You need a workaround that temporarily adds all add-on.xml based sceneries in a temporary scenery.cfg, run your AEC tool and revert back to the original scenery.cfg.


Why ORBX switches 100% to an add-on.xml based way of scenery addition being aware that one of their products is totally unable to be used with this method is a mistery to me and a complete different story...

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Thank you for your reply but I do not have the time and energy to do as you ask. I am old and a moaner (Never used to be) and do not like change I wish that I had left everything as I was with Ver 3.

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I have found others that will not load Las Vegas 3rd party, LOWI is just the basic setup and the airport is horrible and Innsbruck does not show in the scenery folder in the sim, Orlando looks dire and no doubt there is more. I do wish that I did not upgrade to the new Control.

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