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New purchase - won't install

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My purchase won't install - it starts and stops with this message "ERROR":  'A communication error occurred when trying to perform this action'.  Attempt at manual download similarly failed.  My log file is empty - windows 7 - XP11.35 - install Item 'Compton Abbas'.


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as well as being in Mitchell's link, the user guide is very good in this respect.

On page 25, it gives the address of the log which, if copied and pasted into the Windows Search box,

will automatically find the log without the need to go looking in the wrong or right place at all.




I campaigned for a user guide with no opposition at all during the development of Orbx Central and the team needed no real persuasion

to create a very good one for which I am very grateful.

It is a little disappointing to find that the questions answered in it are still being asked but I hope that customers will soon find that it is

the first source for most of the answers on how to use the utility.



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