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Hi Team,


Awesome job on VCentral v4.0. I took advantage of the migrate to another folder option and encountered errors for both YBBN and EGFF for P3Dv4 as follows.


When trying to migrate YBBN, I get an error box that says " Error: There are no builds available for this product"

and for EGFF, another Error box that says: Error: The requested resource was not found"


Please advise if these are indeed errors and when they will get fixed or. If I have done something wrong / a manual way of installing these airports - then please let me know.




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On 8/5/2019 at 11:21 PM, Nick Cooper said:


the software is named Orbx Central and it has been stated that there are still a few products that have not been added.

Also, it has its own support forum here.

Hi Nick,

Apologies, I meant Orbx Central. Please advise steps to manually install YBBN and  EGFF for P3Dv4?




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