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answered TE Washington scenery issue?


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I did a search before posting this to try and find if anyone else has asked about  this, but while flying around in TE Washington I have noticed areas that just look different while one side of my views can be outstanding, I have seen many areas that have left me wondering "Is that how its supposed to look"?   I took a few screen shots to hopefully show what i am talking about, I took many more that actually showed the problem better but i did not have any location data included in those screen shots.  

If you look at the tree's in the various photos you should see what I mean.  The tree's and surrounding scenery looks very shadowy and 1 dimensional...hopefully it will be clear to all what I am 

talking about but I can get more screen shots as well.  I'm not sure if this is how it appears to everyone or if something is set up wrong within my TE Washington set up.

These are not the worst examples, but I had location info with these.  I will get more if needed as some areas look  pretty bad.  Look at the trees and hillsides.


Thanks for any help or info anyone may have!  Most of the scenery is just so outstanding!  So when I see large areas like these it made me think somethings not right.



9WA3River Bend Airport.png

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Thank you Nick! I appreciate the link! I will go read up on it there.  In the mean time, how do I go about ending this thread I started so folks wont come here for no reason and as to not have it in duplicate.

I'm a newbie here still learning the ropes but I think theres a way for me to close this thread or list this as resolved etc.

Thanks again!


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