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Disappointed with real world !

Jon Clarke

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In my P3D days my default airport was KAWO Arlington which in P3D was a default version but I believe slightly enhanced in PNW. I used to have a short flight from KAWO to Darrington, the Orbx addon version with the school bus and logging etc. Lovely 15 minute flight. Take off from Arlington and head right towards the hills leading to Darrington and then fly all the way in the valley, looking at the greenery, field, woodland pylons etc. Now I have TE Washington and in the real world all the valley journey is over thick forest !!!!!!!!!

What's happening here. I don't like the real world:D

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53 minutes ago, danr said:

Hello Jjaycee1,

I just took your flight from Arlington to Darrington in Pacific Northwest scenery.  Indeed beautiful!

Thank you.  Dan

Well if you do the same flight in XP  TE Washington or when TE Washington comes out for P3D....... I just hope you like TREES!!!!

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If you take that flight you will be going right past my dad's and my uncles cabins on the North side of the valley. You will also be going right over the wreck site of N7071, Braniff's first 707 that was lost on a pilot familiarization flight. My dad and I went out one afternoon searching for the wreck site, but unfortunately never found it. Later after doing more research, I discovered that the actual site was much closer to home and we drove right past it before even starting our search.

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 The great thing is there is a beautiful Arlington scenery, that not only covers the airport but the entire City.  I was really worried that it wasn't going to blend well with the new TE region, but I was very happily surprised!  The airport has higher resolution as an airport scenery should, the imagery blends perfectly with the ORBX TE region, and there are no double coverage buildings, or any anomalies that I can tell. The only difference is the Arlington imagery is slightly lighter in register.  In FSX or prepared, this  would be fairly obvious as you would have a line that you could see straight down, in this particular incarnation, it just looks good.  I can't wait to start purchasing my previously purchased North Sound ORBX airports classic's! 


P.S. I want to apologize to all the developers that worked on this project, as I had gone on a rant somewhere in these forums about not utilizing the great X-Plane feature of terrain-following runways. I am so happy to say that we do have accurate sloped, valley, and crested runway and taxiways! Yeah ORBX!



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