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EGNX East Midlands Airport coming soon for X-Plane 11

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Another stunning set of images from Iain.

I can see the lighting & shadow subtleties that PBR is allowing, for example, on the sides of The Royal Mail trucks in shot 26.

If I am asking this in the wrong section, please move it to where it is appropriate. - Is there any work going on to convert any of the many Orbx P3D airfields in Washington State to XP11, to fit in with XP11 Washington State?

I enjoy flying in the UK, but at times prefer the wilderness opportunities in WS, & hope Orbx will be servicing that area with  XP11 add on airfields.


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OMG...am away on vacation and just picked up my ipad and saw this! my home airport EGNX in stunning orbx detail!!!...plus the wonderful Donnington Circuit...awesome...truly awesome...

No better airport to fly GA, Freight and Ryanair in & out of...Thank you so much ORBX team for listening to your customers and giving us such wonderful locations to fulfil our ‘flying dreams’

Sorry guys...a bit excited by this one!!! :):):)

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2 hours ago, John Venema said:


Yes the P3D version is a week away from a full alpha build and looking quite nice already.


Mr Venema, thanks for the answer and a belated happy birthday.


For me it's a day one buy for EGLC and this one (EGLX) the very day they are released for P3D v4.4/5. It's not possible for me to buy the same airport/s for both XP and P3D, nor do I have enough SSD space for XP trueearth products required for seamless integration and nor do I care about ultra photorealistic scenery and graphics and nor are they needed for anything useful other than eyecandy/entertainment in my opinion. I as a customer would really appreciate it if your staff mentioned in their new product announcement/preview posts that X or Y airport/scenery would also come to P3D (my current platform of choice) at some point in future.


I believe that doing so would only reduce confusion for both your regular and new customers imo. Please do not think I'm making a demand or criticising someone. I'm just making a humble request/suggestion that I pray and hope you would take into your consideration.

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Well EGNX has just been added to my wishlist.
A good cargo airport with pax ops and Donnington race circuit modelled to boot - very nice!

Since we're requesting other UK airports on this thread, how about EGNT Newcastle? Almost a perfect size for an international airport for Orbx to take on.
(I would love to request EGCC, but that's in the middle of a big renovation of Terminal 2).

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30 minutes ago, malindley said:

Fantastic to see EGNX getting the Orbx treatment, very happy as it's my 'local'.  


Aimee, it's worth pointing out the museum is not a Royal Air Force Museum.  It is a private museum called 'East Midlands Aeropark' and is run by volunteers if I recall correctly.





Regards Mark.


I was going to say the same. Also, it's located in the north-west corner of the airfield toward Donington race track, not the north-east. But I think people will have no trouble finding it!


EGNX is my local airport, I'm happy to see it coming to XP to go with TE South :)  The XP gateway version is pretty good anyway, but this will be quite something else. Time to look at PC upgrades. I don't have many payware airports for a reason...

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OMG, this is so awesome. Judging from the screenshots this is a pretty accurate representation of EMA. 


Though as said above, the museum is not called The Royal Air Force Museum, but East Midlands Aeropark. 


Another thing to add is that along with the respective airlines mentioned, TUI Airways also operate from the airport. Atm they have 2-3 Boeing 737-800's and one Boeing 787-8 on some other days. I also should mention that UPS, FedEx, and Aerologic also operate from the airport too. If these changes could be implemented, I think that it would further add to an already immersive product. 


I'm definitely looking forward to this,

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any news/update on the p3d version? Senor John Venema said on June 20 that a full alpha build would be available the following week. :unsure: Recently picked up all of Bill Womack's creations (except Cushman Meadows) and then some more (LIEO Olbia and LDPL Pula airport). Pula is so good-looking and comes with two more airports as a bonus. LIEO is so incredibly and breathtakingly beautiful I'm just taking screenshots and setting 'em up as wallpaper. But I want more juice and beauty for my sim.

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