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Fourth edition of the airport list is ready. All airports are included.


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54 minutes ago, Aharon said:

I have question     I do not want all freeware airports but I want few of those. How do I pick few of those?  Do I use manual download or what?


Please advise?





It is very simple Aharon. There are only a few freeware airports that you can manually download and they are in the freeware section under Europa, North America and Oceania section. Only those can you manually pick. The other airports, that you find in the Global Range section, under Global Airport Pack, come in one huge block of airports: you cannot hand pick individually those airports. In my list, the freeware airports that come from the Europa, North America and Oceania section are in green. The freeware airports that come from the Global Airport Pack are in black. Hope this helps...

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You are right. Several airports in the USA have no runway details yet, as there are so many runways as freeware. Very soon, all those will be done. Yesterday, I completed Canada and a few other states in the USA. It is moving along very well.

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On 6/2/2019 at 7:20 PM, Jack Sawyer said:

Outstanding François, this is so helpful, I hope when you have completed this list the good people at Orbx will pin this.

Thanks Jack. Doing the list, I have learned that you can land in the USA at an airport that has an elevation of 8680 feet. I knew about some airports at around 6000 feet, but 8680 was quite surprising ( it is C24 in the freewares). While doing the runway descriptions in Oklahoma, I realized that 95% of the runways are oriented North-South ( normally in North America, the prevailing winds are from the west and an airport will make sure to have an East-West oriented runway if it is the only runway at the airport. But in OKlahoma, it is almost all 17/35 or 18/ 36!

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