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Aerofly Beta Update - Feature Changelist: 5/23/19


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These features are now available to users on the Steam Beta channel:


  1. [*] Added Advanced camera movement system (optional setting) that moves the camera head position as you look around in the cockpit, aligns the camera to the overhead or pedestal up direction so that text remains readable and a better panel overview is achieved.
  2. [*] Fixed Throttle levers in A320, B737, B747, C90Gtx, LJ45 and Q400 now allow finer adjustments
  3. [*] Added A320 electrical system now allows to get into dark state
  4. [*] Added A320 FWC (flight warning computer) simulation, ECAM messages with ECAM actions, status page and status reminder... more than 100 warnings and 60 memos simulated and the implementation is open for expansion via tmd. Warnings sounds have not been added yet.
  5. [*] Added A320 realistic delays between pilot action and system changes, e.g. it might take couple of seconds to display spoilers aremd
  6. [*] Changed A320 minor changes to direct law and alternate law
  7. [*] Changed A320 ailerons, elevators, rudders and spoilers can now fail when respective computers are set off, might be difficult to fly (give it a try).
  8. [*] Changed A320 ECAM fuel page redone, now in modern style
  9. [*] Changed A320 fixes to ECAM electrical page
  10. [*] Added A320 fuel system with gravity feed and outer wing transfer
  11. [*] Added A320 PFD, ND red flags flashing
  12. [*] Added A320 "no autoland" warning
  13. [*] Added A320 stall speeds calculated from angle of attack and gross mass
  14. [*] Added A320 anti skid tested after gear extension
  15. [*] Added A320 flight director resets 30 seconds after landing
  16. [*] Added A320 IRS needs alignment after being shut down (time shortened to one minute instead of up to 10 min.)
  17. [*] Added A320 when spoilers are automatically retracted (e.g. flap full, high angle of attack or TOGA) they will be inhibited until the spoiler lever is set to retract
  18. [*] Fixed A320 FCU only resets after power has been lost for some time
  19. [*] Fixed A320 CAT 3 stays active when levers are pulled to idle for landing flare
  20. [*] Fixed A320 engine fire warning on ECAM when light test is performed
  21. [*] Changed A320 autoland spoilers only extend when thrust levers are manually pulled back to idle
  22. [*] Changed A320 jump seat view position
  23. [*] Changed A320 drag reduced
  24. [*] Changed A320 ignition selector only triggers engine page for engine start
  25. [*] Changed A320 engine display shows MREV thrust rating during revers thrust application
  26. [*] Added A320 MCDU flight plan can be created from the INIT page (set icao origin and destination)
  27. [*] Added A320 MCDU flight plan departure and arrival runways can be selected
  28. [*] Added A320 MCDU pages lateral revision, vertical revision, arrival and departure, some parameters are already operative, e.g. 10k speed limit and constraints might work
  29. [*] Added A320 MCDU flight plan page waypoints can be inserted and removed (BETA)
  30. [*] Added A320 MCDU scratchpad messages like ADD DRAG or DECELERATE
  31. [*] Added A320 MCDU pages position monitor, gps monitor and irs monitor
  32. [*] Added LJ45, Q400 and B737 a lot of new CDU pages have been added, e.g. navigation, flight plan, performance, fuel, tuning, etc.
  33. [*] Added LJ45, Q400 and B737 flight plan can be created and edited via CDU
  34. [*] Added LJ45, Q400 and B737 flight plan departure and arrival runways can be selected via CDU
  35. [*] Added B737 added greenish moving map to the radar screen
  36. [*] Changed Q400 engines are now build from modular engine components
  37. [*] Changed Q400 FADEC now able to increase power more quickly (less lag)
  38. [*] Added Q400 electrical system finished, Q400 systems can now reach cold and dark state
  39. [*] Fixed Q400 APU generator is now working and charging batteries
  40. [*] Added Q400, C90Gtx power levers can be pulled into reverse with VR hands or mouse
  41. [*] Changed C90Gtx engines are now build from modular engine components
  42. [*] Added C90Gtx low and high idle, engines can be shut down and restarted
  43. [*] Added C90Gtx electrical system added, C90GTx now also reached cold and dark status
  44. [*] Added C90Gtx working radio navigation and MFD options pages in the CDU
  45. [*] Added C90Gtx master caution and warning now flashing, more warnings functional
  46. [*] Added B58 engines can be shut down now, now also cold and dark
  47. [*] Fixed B737 autotuning on ADF removed
  48. [*] Changed B747 improvements to the displays, e.g. correct navigation sources for pilot and copilot navigation displays
  49. [*] Changed F18 and F15e steering range is automatically managed for you, high steering is selected at low speed (below roughly 10 kts)
  50. [*] Changed MB339 engines are now build from modular engine components
  51. [*] Added R22 doors can be opened
  52. [*] Changed ASG29 canopy animation smoothed out, no more jumps when closing
  53. [*] Fixed Advanced autopilot fixes to localizer capture on East headings
  54. [*] Fixed Advanced autopilot changed glide slope mode corrects for non standard glide slope angles (e.g. steep approaches)
  55. [*] Changed Advanced autopilot speed hold adjusted for autothrottle SPEED mode and vertical IAS HOLD pitch mode
  56. [*] Fixed Advanced autopilot numerous bug fixes and minor improvements
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