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answered KSAN control panel issue and extra taxiway signs

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I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall twice and I’m still having issues. The reinstall fixed the issue I was having in the FTX control panel where it wouldn’t let me choose “without static aircraft.” But the issue I’m still having is it won’t let me click the box to use “FTX Southern California Mode.” I check the box, but every time I open the control panel, the box remains unchecked. And I’m guessing as a result, I’m getting duplicate runway/taxiway signs on the ground. Sorry if this is a repeat post, but I can find a fix other than a reinstall.

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I experience the same issue with the "FTX Southern California Mode". I've tried all the suggestions I have found on the forum, but always return to both radio buttons unchecked when I reopen FTX Central. I'm not aware of any specific problems I'm having as a result of this, so I've left it alone for now. But since I can't confirm that either of the two radio buttons are actually being selected, and since I can't see any visual change when when I select either option, I can't ascertain what issues I might be the result of not checking the correct option.


Can anyone tell me what are the consequences of not having the correct option selected? ...if I have FTX Southern California Mode installed but don't have the option selected? ...or visa-versa?




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