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Do it yourself Update Rwy numbers ILS Taxi signs

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CYBW Springbank AB:

Updating Rwy numbers ILS and Taxi signs at CYBW Springbank AB 
Download/install ADE175 [Airport Design Editor]
Simple Fix: I'm still using older ADE170 version
Import CYBW as bgl into ADE175
Edit Rwy 07 to 08 [recip will follow the change] 
Edit  Rwy 34 to 35
Add ILS 111.7mhz
Save/ Compile while FSX not running
Will end up in Addon Scenery Folder move to top of scenery library to overlay older versions found in Global Freeware and NRM except Taxi signs will remain as 07/25 and 16/34 they dont overlay if you can live with incorrect Taxi signs your done. Go fly ILS 35 appr. 111.7mhz

Complete Fix:
Edit all Taxi signs about 10 of them at CYBW
Save /Compile
 FTX Global and FTX NRM use Dougs method to disable old files [.bgl.off] or will get both Taxi Signs new 08-26 and old 07-25 new 17-35 old 16-34 
Do not .off CVR file it is the flatten file or grass will grow over parts of your Rwys
ORBX is not Open Source so cant send updated files your way. Give it a try on your own computer
Doing one update gives a person an appreciation of the work the developers face. 
Thank you for great job

CYBW Rwy08-26 signs1.1.JPG

FTX Global CYBW 1.0 Rwy edit.JPG

FTX Global CYBW 1.0 Sign edit.JPG

FTX Global CYBW 1.0.JPG

FTX Global CYBW 1.1.JPG

FTX Global CYBW 1.2.JPG


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