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Some pics of my last flights ...

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On my last flights in the "ORBX-country" a few pictures were taken. I would like to share with you :)


On this flight I started from London City Airport in TrueEarth GB to a small sightseeing flight. Flown with the AVRO Tutor (Freeware by Nigel Richards). Many thanks to @Doc Scott for his great tip!






The next flight took place with the Commander 114 in Switzerland. More precisely, near Interlaken. As you can see it was very foggy, it was flown with real weather ...





Small aircraft has its charm, no question. But a large aircraft, like the Airbus A318, is a bigger challenge :smile:


The picture shows the final phase of the landing approach in LOWI Innsbruck on runway 26 ...






Innsbruck. Always worth a trip!


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