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ORBX sceneries and GLOBAL above add on airports


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I just installed FTX Global (transaction id 5ccdfb1a28cb5) and noticed that the library insertion point was set to top of library.  I have previously installed region areas (NZSI, PNW, North Cal, Ireland, England and Norway) and payware airports (Dublin and Cork).  It looks to me like the global sceneries are above the regional, and all ORBX are above the airports.  Is this wrong?  Should the airports be at the top, and regional above the global?


I attach pdf of screenshots of scenery library order.





FSX Scenery Library.pdf

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Hi Simon


Be sure your insertion points are correct in your FTX Central




Your FTX entries go below your very first third party addon


And your Open Land Classes go below your FTX entries


Set that and save then run your sim and test






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