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resolved TEGB South P3D V4.5 scenery out of focus

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When using normal Orbx England etc scenery I have no problems flying any type of aircraft, With TEBG South enabled, after flying with good scenery presentation for about 10 minutes, the scenery goes out of focus.(or maybe referred to as blurred) and remains so, even when entering Orbx England Central scenery.

The aircraft control panels always remains in focus. I only use P3D V4 default GA aircraft with TEGB. Any assistance appreciated



Windows 10

NVidia GeForce GTX 1070

i5 3.3 Ghz CPU

16GB ram

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Be certain your level of detail radius in the P3D settings is at High or Medium.  Reduce your other settings if that doesn't fix the issue.


Check out this post, 

It should help.  


Best regards,



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Thanks for reply. I have tried John's setting and other variations without success. I have included pictures

of my problem. The first pix shows EU ENG (fine) and the second shows TEGB (blurred) when transiting north to south and

the third shows TEGB (fine) at the start of another  flight. Question is why does the scenery deteriorate to become 'blurred'?

scenery 7 EU ENG.PNG



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