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announcement TrueEarth US Washington for XP11 - SNEAK PEEK VIDEO!

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My god it looks so beautiful and so different from what we have already seen from your GB series. I thought I would skip PNW due to the fact that I usually only fly in Europe but after this video it will be an instant purchase! Thanks for your work, ORBX took and still takes my simming experience to a whole new world.

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Oh my god that is amazing. I hope all you youngsters will enjoy the future of Orbx because us oldens probably won’t be around to see the rest of the world in TrueEarth.  Mean I might be still around in another 20 years but wether I will be able to hold that joystick steady is another matter. :lol:. Derek. 

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This looks incredible. PNW is still my favourite Orbx LC region, so I look very forward to this. I do wish Laminar would fix the tree shadows though. The forests can look quite unnatural, especially when the sun is low, with the self-shadowing trees.

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10 hours ago, Sethos said:

Looks incredible. I can't wait for X-Plane to get some decent looking weather, then it'll all just come together beautifully.

I can't seem to get the weather to look clear. There is always a haze to it

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I just wanted to say that this looks absolutely stunning! It's the first time that a flightsim addon demo gives me this type of feelings, I had goosebumps while watching the video. I have a bug where I need to go through the password reset procedure every time I want to post on this forum so I usually don't comment on any topic but, this time, I really felt I needed to say thank you to the Orbx team for your fantastic products.

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