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High, I have recently bought and installed several ORBX products.

Global Base pack.

open lc Europe

Global Vector.

Now when I run FSX I get many black boxes where some form of texture should be.

It may relate to street lighting.


What is the solution please.


Also I have no idea what Title means or what prefix means.


There is a picture of Hobart suburbs attached that gives some indication.


Thanks, Michael

Over Hobart.jpg

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welcome to the forums.


Title is where you should write the title or subject of the topic that you intend to start.

This one could have been "Black boxes seen after installing Global Base pack".


If it had been, a search for the subject would have led to this topic:




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Running in DX 10 results in better performance so I do not want to turn it off.

I will try a free ware fix.


Thanks for the reply, Michael


Oh, and I did a search but didn't happen upon that solution.

But, I am quite unfamiliar with forums and there structure.

I did notice that it was quite a common problem and could perhaps have been addressed  in the manuals.

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