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active TE GB South - compatibility with FTX England and Wales

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Hi all,  im an owner of TEGBS and FTX England and Wales.    When I RTFM, it says that I should disable tidal photoreal regions in both Wales and England.  When I check the boxes in the configuration tool in FTX Central 3 then launch the sim,  the sim wants me to uninstall multiple items before it will launch.   Shouldnt the FTX Central configuration tool do that for me as needed?    As of now, I leave everything unchecked.   I did fly out of Bristol England over the welsh tidal areas and it didnt look too weird.   But if Im supposed to turn this off, I would like to know how.



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the messages are most likely telling you that there are scenery library entries for

files that are no longer where they are recorded in the scenery library.

This is nothing to do with the product control panel which renames some files and

unless done while the simulator is running will do nothing but cause the scenery

library to be realigned.


If you can show one or two of the messages, then we may be able to help

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Hi Nick,  for whatever reason, this issue seems to have handled itself.   I selected the disable boxes again and tried it and this time it worked fine.


HOWEVER,  discovered another minor but humorous bug.   I decided to check out the tidal area around Bristol England and flew down the length of the Severn bridge.  In doing so, I noted that the AI automobiles go up and OVER the second span of the bridge.  They dont do it on the north span. but on the south span the cars happily climb up and right over the suspension span.   :)



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