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First ever 100% PBR airport coming to P3D/XP11

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Let me just start out saying I own everything Orbx has in their P3D inventory.  But when you compare True Earth England South (SD) to True Earth Netherlands (HD), it's like I got ripped off!  True Earth should always be "High Definition" (HD)!  I had to take a loss, and delete mine.  "South" was just too fuzzy in detail.  "I wish it was like PBR."

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This is really great news, looking forward to it. As a user of many of your products I appreciate your commitment to the flight sim community.

One concern I do have for TrueEarth US Washington - what impact will it have on loading a scenario and on FPS rates?
I have noticed this week after installing P3Dv4.5 my load times in the Pacific Northwest area has gone from 2 minutes to 5 minutes and when I load a scenario outside of the PNW area it is 1 to 2 minutes.
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On 4/6/2019 at 10:28 AM, chrishunt said:

If you haven't zoomed in on these images the you're not fully seeing the incredible level of detail. Not just the vehicles but the white lines also. They look 3D when zoomed in.

You're so right! The level of detail is so amazing! The painted lines even have their own layer of thickness and the way light reflects from them and the various shades of the concrete with such a realistic way of how lighting plays on them looks so real one could almost slip on an oil spot!

Flight sims have come so far its mind boggling to me!

I started out flight dimes flying Fighter Duel, and F18 hornet on a Commidore Amiga 500!

I took a break from flight sims since MS FS 2004, other than flying WW2 Combat with IL2 a number of years ago I just hadn't flown.

I studied and researched quite awhile before settling on X-Plane 11 and am glad I did! Especially with the new release of TE Washington as I live within its scope of coverage it's just amazing!

This sim is going to cost me a new computer!


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